Thursday, September 10, 2015

Understanding the Wingnet: The DDT Conspiracy

Via Powerline Blogger Hayward:
Yesterday Google disdained offering a special banner for Memorial Day.  Today they compound this insult with a banner marking the birthday of Rachel Carson, author of the deeply wrong Silent Spring.  Few books since Das Kapital have done more damage to humans—especially poor children in Africa—than Silent Spring, and yet she—and her dreadful book—continues to be honored by the Left.
Here's the Translation from Wingnutspeak to English.
The Carson book Silent Spring drew attention to the risks to the eco-system posed by over-use of pesticides such as DDT.  Within right wing counter culture, an elaborate conspiracy within the United States Environmental Protection Agency suppressed the facts about the awesomeness of DDT and instead only disclosed so-called facts about the harmful effects of DDT on the environment. 
Through unspecified means, this conspiracy went global as other nations also banned the use of this chemical within that respective country.  In turn this lead to the eventual phase out of DDT globally for use in all but routine circumstances. Because the EPA initiated DDT-conspiracy spread globally, all deaths in the third world due to insect-spread diseases like malaria qualify as a form of "mass murder" or "genocide" due to the influence of this book and the actions of the conspirators all which lead to the phase out of the chemical.
Lesson Right Wingers take from the DDT Conspiracy.
The DDT conspiracy proves that the EPA is connected to a dark shadowy international conspiracy. As to so-called "Climate Change" this episode further demonstrates why the EPA should not be trusted to regulate green house gas emissions.  Because if past is prelude, the resulting regulations will probably spread globally just like non-existent global warming, causing great unintended harm. The result undoubtedly will be sustainable living, hobbit-sized homes and the very end of freedom. 
This has been a public service post.

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