Monday, February 10, 2014

Word of the Day - Santorumnesia

This is an important one because it appears that Santorumnesia is highly contagious among the Party Elite

Santorumnesia is the inability to remember the 2012 candidacy of Rick Santorum. It affects various GOP insiders disproportionately to the general population.

Lamestream Media Figure: Who do you think will be on stage at the first GOP 2016 primary debate now that Christie has melted down.
GOP Insider: Well there's Rand Paul and Joe Scarborough and Rubio, Walker, Jeb Bush, Cruz and maybe some New Reagan type candidate that nobody's head of yet but will be pretty cool for about 2-3 weeks and then crash spectacularly. Hell, maybe even Huckabee will run but that's about that's it.
Lamestream Media Figure: What about Santorum? He came in second last time and is running again.
GOP Insider: Who??? Never heard of him.
This is a classic example of Santorumnesia. Poor Santo.

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