Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lessons in Wingnutlology - Words of the Day

Words found on the Wingnet today and translated into English.


Context: Using the word "Obama" in context of immigration reform may cause some Republicans to disassociate themselves from supporting comprehensive immigration reform. This is because the word "Obama" scares good conservatives  as in Obamacare or Obamaphones.

Used in a sentence: If you want to be a good conservative you cannot oppose scary Obamacare while supporting Obamigration Reform....because both are scary and are basically the same.


Context:  Same as above. The word "Obama" is scary.

Used in a sentence: Like Chris Christie, the President also causes traffic jams when he travels to distant places because of his secret security detail. He does this to be mean. These traffic jams, which hurt some peoples feelings, are called "Obamajams."

This has been a public service.

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