Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wingnut Dictionary - Sour Grapes

Helping you understand Wingnutspeak (words and phrases found on the wingnet) and how these terms translate into good ol' American english

Today's phrase:
\ˈsau̇(-ə)r   \   ˈgrāps\
disparagement of something that has proven unattainable
More disturbingly, Washington's level of political corruption is on a par with ancien régime France. Like the doomed Bourbons, today's insulated, self-reproducing Washington elite lavishes itself with astronomical salaries (whether making over $100,000 as a civil servant in the White House or millions on K Street), luxurious vacations, numerous privileges (from business-class air travel to junkets abroad), and exclusive neighborhoods. In order to do so, they extract more and more money from the productive sectors of the economy, and particularly from those who cannot protect themselves through preferential tax treatment. If the elite doesn't take those gains for themselves, they redistribute them to the electoral groups that ensure their permanent hold on power.
Translation into English
I wish Romney had won, so I could move to DC, get a job in the new administration, a lavish salary, travel and start the  K-street ladder climb so I too could move into an exclusive neighborhood like so many GOP activists before me.

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