Friday, May 17, 2013

Wingnut Dictionary - Low Information Voter

Another post in a series translating rhetoric found in the right wing media into good 'ol American English.

Phrase of the Day:  
Low Information Voter(s)
ˈlō\  in-fər-ˈmā-shən\ ˈvō-tər\
Definition (1) Voters who do not vote in line with the speaker's preferences (2) voters who do not have time, energy or desire to commit to a governing ideology.

Example of use in ordinary conversation:
We lost the election and a big reason we lost is because so many Low Information Voters did not understand what was at stake. If these Low Information Voters really understood the issues  (i.e., understood and agreed with our ideology), we would have won the election fairly easily. A great deal of the blame for this goes to the Liberal Media. In the next election, we need to do a better job educating the voters about the issues (i.e., we need to turn non-ideological voters into dedicated partisans).
Example of from Right Wing Blog. Obama is dying to say this, according to this Powerline Blogger:
Perhaps in the Bulworth mode Obama would tell us what fools we were to believe his fake opposition to gay marriage, or his fake support for Israel. He would tell us friendship with Bill Ayers and his support for late term abortion/infanticide.

He would explain the virtues of the Muslim Brotherhood. He would unburden himself of the shame he felt having to disown Jeremiah Wright. He would tell us at long last of his profound feelings for the wisdom of Rashid Khalidi!

He would have a few choice words about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, but he would also express his contempt for the Republican members of the Gang of Eight. He would express his deep gratitude to low information voters and the members of the media who kept them in that condition.

Whatever Obama would have to say in Bulworth mode might come as a slight surprise to low information voters, but for anyone who has been paying attention it would amount to an utterly superfluous postscript. The only thing close to humorous about it is Obama’s conceit that he has concealed his inner light.
In this regard, Low information Voters can be contrasted with high information voters, and compare favorably. High Information Voters can be classified into several groups. Powerline Blog readers, Foxnews viewers and AM radio listeners are another example of high information voters.  In the case of this group, these voters tend to rely on high amounts information but of a dubious quality (i.e., its really shitty information). This works to the detriment of this group of highly misinformed voters.

This is what the Derangement Syndrome and the Conservative Echo Chamber can do to voters. These voters, such as the right wing blogger above, is unable to view the world outside of terms of his ideology - and so is unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas for the Low Information Voter. This in turn makes leaves him powerless to convince Low Information Voters to join the fight against his imaginary version of Obama. 

Given the choice between Low Information Voters and misinformed and hopelessly confused High Information Voters, it is pretty obvious which group contributes more to our civic life.
If only there was a government program to help poor misinformed devils like this.  Maybe someday.

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