Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wingnut Dictionary - CAGW

Term of the Day
Related Terms: Alarmist, Warmist, Climateer, Climatista, Warmunist, Thermogeddonite
CAGW is a term used by right wing activists to conflate the reality of greenhouse gas emission driven global warming (AGW) with spectacular or "catastrophic" projections of damage that may arise due to climate change (CAGW).  The term is used to redirect discussion of the causes of global warming away from the potential remedies. Often times the right wing activist will mock "CAGW", using it as a strawman to avoid discussing the science behind AGW.
Don't take the scientists, too seriously. They are just crying wolf again when they talk about catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. They try to make Climate Change seem like a bad disaster movie like Sharknado - that movie about tornadoes that carrying sharks. Like that could ever happen. The earth's climate has always changed in the past.  It will change again and things will be fine.  Sharknado is never going to happen! Man those scientists should really tone it down. CAGW is clearly ridiculous. 
The goal of using the term "CAGW" is to redirect the conversation away from limiting CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas emission as a means of reducing harm to the environment and on to a discussion of how unlikely that a Sharknado-like event could ever happen. This allows the activist to avoid discussion of the merits of AGW Theory while knocking down a strawman.
The fallacy is diagrammed like this:
If P then Q
P is clearly absurd
Therefore not Q
If climate change causes "Sharknado," then climate change is dangerous
Sharknado is clearly absurd
Therefore climate change is not dangerous.
Use of the Term CAGW sometimes implies a tacit acknowledgement on the part of the speaker that the climate is changing and that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame for it.  Usage is associated with an advanced stage of climate denial. Typically it is associated with Late Stage 2 to Stage 3 of Climate Denial.

Stage 1 - It is all a hoax
Stage 2 - It is not (mostly) from CO2
Stage 3 - It is not bad
Stage 4 - There is nothing we can do about it
Stage 5 - It is too late to try to do anything about it.

This has been another episode of wingnut dictionary, a public service to translate right wing-nut-speak into English.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wingnut Dictionary - Sour Grapes

Helping you understand Wingnutspeak (words and phrases found on the wingnet) and how these terms translate into good ol' American english

Today's phrase:
\ˈsau̇(-ə)r   \   ˈgrāps\
disparagement of something that has proven unattainable
More disturbingly, Washington's level of political corruption is on a par with ancien régime France. Like the doomed Bourbons, today's insulated, self-reproducing Washington elite lavishes itself with astronomical salaries (whether making over $100,000 as a civil servant in the White House or millions on K Street), luxurious vacations, numerous privileges (from business-class air travel to junkets abroad), and exclusive neighborhoods. In order to do so, they extract more and more money from the productive sectors of the economy, and particularly from those who cannot protect themselves through preferential tax treatment. If the elite doesn't take those gains for themselves, they redistribute them to the electoral groups that ensure their permanent hold on power.
Translation into English
I wish Romney had won, so I could move to DC, get a job in the new administration, a lavish salary, travel and start the  K-street ladder climb so I too could move into an exclusive neighborhood like so many GOP activists before me.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wingnut Dictionary - Low Information Voter

Another post in a series translating rhetoric found in the right wing media into good 'ol American English.

Phrase of the Day:  
Low Information Voter(s)
ˈlō\  in-fər-ˈmā-shən\ ˈvō-tər\
Definition (1) Voters who do not vote in line with the speaker's preferences (2) voters who do not have time, energy or desire to commit to a governing ideology.

Example of use in ordinary conversation:
We lost the election and a big reason we lost is because so many Low Information Voters did not understand what was at stake. If these Low Information Voters really understood the issues  (i.e., understood and agreed with our ideology), we would have won the election fairly easily. A great deal of the blame for this goes to the Liberal Media. In the next election, we need to do a better job educating the voters about the issues (i.e., we need to turn non-ideological voters into dedicated partisans).
Example of from Right Wing Blog. Obama is dying to say this, according to this Powerline Blogger:
Perhaps in the Bulworth mode Obama would tell us what fools we were to believe his fake opposition to gay marriage, or his fake support for Israel. He would tell us friendship with Bill Ayers and his support for late term abortion/infanticide.

He would explain the virtues of the Muslim Brotherhood. He would unburden himself of the shame he felt having to disown Jeremiah Wright. He would tell us at long last of his profound feelings for the wisdom of Rashid Khalidi!

He would have a few choice words about Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, but he would also express his contempt for the Republican members of the Gang of Eight. He would express his deep gratitude to low information voters and the members of the media who kept them in that condition.

Whatever Obama would have to say in Bulworth mode might come as a slight surprise to low information voters, but for anyone who has been paying attention it would amount to an utterly superfluous postscript. The only thing close to humorous about it is Obama’s conceit that he has concealed his inner light.
In this regard, Low information Voters can be contrasted with high information voters, and compare favorably. High Information Voters can be classified into several groups. Powerline Blog readers, Foxnews viewers and AM radio listeners are another example of high information voters.  In the case of this group, these voters tend to rely on high amounts information but of a dubious quality (i.e., its really shitty information). This works to the detriment of this group of highly misinformed voters.

This is what the Derangement Syndrome and the Conservative Echo Chamber can do to voters. These voters, such as the right wing blogger above, is unable to view the world outside of terms of his ideology - and so is unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas for the Low Information Voter. This in turn makes leaves him powerless to convince Low Information Voters to join the fight against his imaginary version of Obama. 

Given the choice between Low Information Voters and misinformed and hopelessly confused High Information Voters, it is pretty obvious which group contributes more to our civic life.
If only there was a government program to help poor misinformed devils like this.  Maybe someday.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phrase of the Day

Word of the Day:  
Limited Government
"Limited government" is the phrase that big-government conservatives use to paper over the fact that they favor a powerful and activist federal government, albeit one with different spending priorities for the benefit of different interest groups.
In other words, limited government is essential when a Democrat is living in the White House.  When a Republican is president it is not really important.

Wingnut Dictionary Word of the Day - EcoFascism

Another in a series seeking to translate Wingnutspeak into red blooded American English

Today's word [h/t Powerline Blog]:
noun \ e-kō-fa-shi-zəm
ECOFASCISM (1) an environmental conservation authoritarian movement seeking  clearly unconstitutional control of the economy and personal liberty in the name of a hypothetically omnipotent government; (2) A subject that right wingers talk about on Earth Day; (3) an adherent of authoritarian environmental conservationism is an Ecofascist.
Within right wing counter culture it is a commonly held belief  most people with environmental sympathies aren’t fascistic authoritarians by nature, however the activists on the margin who drive policies and regulation are fascist authoritarians.   Moreover, most environmental conservation efforts actually have contrary effects than the stated intentions, which suggests that the real agenda (eco-fascism) is something different than the stated agenda (environmentalism).
Policy makers at the head of government in the United States and elsewhere apparently want to believe, and to have others believe, that human use of fossil fuels accelerates global warming. [These Ecofascists] pursue this quest in order to impose ever greater and clearly unconstitutional control on the economy and personal liberty in the name of a hypothetically omnipotent government. There exists no true concern by the President or Congressional Leadership about the true effects of climate change - only a poorly concealed, ideologically driven attempt to use conjured up threats of catastrophic consequences as a lever to gain authoritarian control of society.
The real agenda [of the ecofascists], I suppose, is to force the rest of us to be vegetarians. The hoaxers and bureaucrats who stir up global warming hysteria would no more stop eating filet mignon than they would give up their private jets. They just want power over the rest of us. Thankfully, hardly anyone is silly enough to believe that humanity can regulate the Earth’s climate by eating tofu instead of bacon. Still, next time you are in a restaurant, it might be fun to order a 32-ounce Porterhouse. In addition to all the usual reasons, you will be defying some of the world’s most obnoxious busybodies.
Another Usage outside of right wing counter culture:
As an Ecofascist, I think it would be fun to build a community of underground hobbit sized houses as a model of what America will look like after the international bureaucrats confiscate everyone's guns and enact Agenda 21. Ideally, such a community could be built in Michele Bachmann's congressional district and would be funded by stimulus money employing local construction workers.  And just because I am mean, it would be labeled a "shovel ready project." Which of course it would be, because Ecofascism is part of an existing UN Plot.
Other "shovel ready projects" include Chattanooga's new bicycle sharing program modeled after Denver's bicycle sharing program which as every right winger knows is part of a UN plot to takeover America and is the first step in imposing Agenda 21.  And before too long there will be no more cows. And then everyone will live in a hobbit sized home without a gun.
And when that day comes, picture poor Powerline Blogger Hinderaker sitting in a rocking chair on his ridiculously small front porch grumbling that if only people would have listened to his warnings back in the old days, America would still be free like it was back before we had Medicare.