Monday, October 31, 2011

Wingnut Dictionary- Warmist

(1) a scientist; (2) when used in the context of global warming, a befuddled scientist; (3) a stooge of the international global warming conspiracy
GODDAMN IT! Warmist Berkeley University Professor Richard A. Muller is a very confused man. Muller, now a "warmist," is claiming in a October 21, 2011 OPED that skeptics of man-made global warming fears no longer have any basis to doubt “global warming” because his new study confirms that the Earth has warmed since the 1950s! Son of a Bitch!
Muller seems to imply that the terms “global warming” and man-made global warming are interchangeable and any warming is somehow "proof" of human causation. Muller is being described by many in the media -- including NYT's Andrew Revkin – as being a climate “skeptic.” But clearly, the Warmist Muller must not have gotten the memo, as he is lustily referring to skeptics as “deniers” in his lamestream media blitz. Clearly Muller is a very befuddled man.
Current Wingnut mythology holds that the theory known as Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax being perpetrated by a cadre of tricksy scientists and evil one world government types. Warmists, within this context, aid the global warming conspiracy by publishing or endorsing the findings of so-called scientific studies which support the so-called scientific consensus that the earth is warming due to human activity. This warmist behavior then lends credibility to efforts to impose global socialism through climate change legislation and/or treaties.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wingnut Dictionary - Klimate Khange Kool-Aid

Word of the Day:
Klimate Khange Kool-Aid
(1) Term used by right wing bloggers and other right wing fringe groups in the USA to describe the discipline within scientific study referred to as "Climate Science" (2) a clever inference to imply that Climate Scientists are similar to the racist right wing populist, anti-immigrant, anti-government, anti-science and anti-religious minority rights group of the same initials, i.e., the Ku Klu Klan, which was popular during the 1920's. (3) Phrase used by old men seen yelling at clouds for no apparent reason.
(1) Goddamn it! A small Cabal of Uber-scientists are using Klimate Khange Kool-Aid to perpetrate the great hoax known to mankind in order to implement global socialism, bicycle sharing programs in Denver and the UN's Agenda 21 which will force patriotic real americans to live in "hobbit homes" in designated "human habitation zones". Goddamn Klimate Khange Kool-Aid!

(2) The Economist is a schizophrenic magazine, but that’s one reason to read it. It is so obviously superior to Time and Newsweek in its erudition and depth, which is all the more impressive as most of its stories are written anonymously, a welcome contrast to the stuffed-up ego bylines of the American journalists who parade themselves on TV and the high paid lecture circuit.

One glaring flaw is that The Economist does seem at times to have had an extra helping of the Klimate Khange Kool-Aid. I was told once by one of their Washington correspondents that this stemmed from an edict from the owners and senior editors in charge back in London. (And their U.S. coverage sometimes partakes of an “oh those silly colonials” tone. We’ll save that for another time.)
Context of Klimate Khange Kool-Aid within American Politics:
Within Right Wing Mythology, i.e., wingnut mythology, it is generally believed as fact that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax and is being perpetrated by an international conspiracy made up of the lowliest bureaucrats and researchers to the highest world leaders and super tricksy Scientists. Yet despite all the protests by leading Right Wingers, Sean Hannity Foxnews Specials and blog posts, the Global-Global Warming Conspiracy just keeps growing larger. This creates a condition of helplessness felt by right wingers thereby leading to evermore strident and shrill rhetoric such as comparing Scientists to the Klan to combat the "Hoax."
Solutions to Klimate Khange Kool-Aid Delusion Syndrome:
There is no known solution to address the role of conspiracy theory infecting fringe groups in American Politics. Such is the case with Klimate Khange Kool-Aid delusion syndrome. However it is thought by a growing consensus that FEMA run re-education camps offer the best approach to treat those afflicted with this syndrome.