Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wingnut Dictionary - Homoconflict

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Pronunciation: hō-mō-kän-flikt


According to Wingnutopian Ideology Homoconflict (a) occurs as a result of showing tolerance, acceptance, indifference or support toward gay folks; (b) can occur as a result of insufficient hostility shown toward the extension of civil rights to gay folks; (c) forms a dissonance between hostility and acceptance toward civil rights for gay folks (such an individual would suffer from homoconflict); (d)serves as a counter-revolutionary force impeding the natural occurrence of class cultural consciousness within the Wingnuttariat.

Used in a Sentence:

Damn that Ann Coutler! How dare she give a speech to the homosexual Republican group GOProud that promotes same-sex marriage and military service for open homosexuals. Damn her to Heck. We now must ban her from speaking at any of our conservative events due to her Homoconflict and the risk that her ideas may infect others and impede real Americans from achieving class-cultural consciousness. Gawdammit!

Context within Wingnutopian culture:

Within Wingnutopian Culture there is a split over the danger caused by homoconflict.

Some Wingnutopians believe that Homoconflict is a counterrevolutionary force which impedes the freedom of mankind and the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat. This occurs as the presence of Homoconflict impedes the Wingnuttariat (i.e., Real Americans) from achieving class cultural consciousness which many Wingnutopians believe is a condition precedent for the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat. During which it is believed, the Winguttariat will rise up and throw off the chains of moderation, implement pure Free Market Fundamentalism and create a right wing utopian society based upon big business, bullets, bayonets and (certain parts of) the bible. This revolution will lead to a perfected society and ultimately to the Freedom of Mankind.

Other Wingnutopians view homoconflict differently. These Wingnutopians believe that the act of showing tolerance, acceptance, indifference or support toward gay folks equates to efforts to extend civil marriage rights, open service in the military and, according to one Wingutopian, “the idea that sodomy [i]s just an alternate lifestyle.” In the worse case, these thinkers believe that Homoconflict increases the likelihood of legalized same-sex marriage rights which would, according to this school of thought, cause the Lord Almighty to destroy the Earth.

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