Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Definition of Earmarxism

From the Wingnut Dictionary here is the Translation of the day from Wingnut-speak to English:
Earmarxism or Earmarxist (noun)
[eer-mahrk-siz-uhm, ɪər’märk'sĭz'əm] [eer-mahrk-sist, ɪər’märk'sĭst]

(A) A term within the political ideology of Free Market Fundamentalism describing excessive zeal of congressional appropriators to allocate federal tax dollars to specially identified public works and/or pet projects. (B) sometimes refers to an addiction to political pork barrel spending or runaway spending that according to the Earmarxist is always somebody else’s fault. (C) A term used by the Conserva-gencia to rally the Wingnuttariat against the spending of tax dollars for the public good. (D) An “Earmarxist” is an adherent of “Earmarxism.”
Example of Use in Wingnut-speak:
Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) is an Earmarxist. He believes in Earmarxism i.e., that one taxpayer’s dollar is another lawmaker’s party favor. According to Senator Inhofe, the power of the purse resides with Congress so the problem with earmarks is not congressional earmarks but rather so-called presidential earmarking. These are earmarks perpetrated by “unelected bureaucrats” throughout the federal government who recklessly throw money away with no supervision or accountability after being given the authority to do so in congressional appropriations approved by people such as Senator Inhofe.

With one hand, Senator Inhofe scolds the executive branch for spending money on projects he approved, while with the other he writes and approves billions in earmarked spending. For example, when given a chance after Hurricane Katrina to divert funding from the wasteful Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska to the devastated Twin Spans Bridge in New Orleans, Sen. Inhofe sided with the $230 million Bridge to Nowhere and the 50 inhabitants on the island it would serve.
H/T: RedState Blog

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