Friday, February 5, 2010

Wingnut Dictionary – TRANSNATIONALIZE

Verb of the Day:



A transitive verb; to make something Transnational or to give a Transnational character to something; sometimes the involuntary result of Radical Transnationalism, i.e., the imposition of Islamic Law and International Law to control relations not only between sovereign states, but also between citizens and their governments.

Example of use in conversation:

Pa, Pa, the blue helmets are pouring over the County Line! And I seen one of ‘em carrying a treatise on international law. Quick, call out the Militia before they Transnationalize us all!!!

Further Example:

After President Obama appoints Radical Transnationalist Harold Koh as Legal Advisor to the NSC, Koh will somehow outlaw the existence of 400 years of American and English Common Law in the USA and replace this system of law with the international common law. After that, the United Nations will surely invade and Transnationalize America. After this occurs, only portions of Alabama, Arkansas and Alaska will initially be able to resist. Unfortunately these small pockets of resistance will not have internet access to read the National Review Online and eventually the people in these areas too will lose their inspiration to resist and succumb to Radical Transnationalization.

Further Example:

After the supreme court voted to allow Transnational Corporations (perhaps even the Bid Laden Destruction Corporation) to buy into and possibly Radically Transnationalize American elections, many working folks were alarmed if not outraged. Oddly enough, the writers at the National Review Online were silent. Apparently, not all forms of Radical Transnationalism are undesirable at the NRO.

(H/T Andy McCarthy and his posse via The Corner)

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