Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Translation of the Day – Translating Wingnutspeak into English

Jeb Hensarling is clever and he is sly but he got caught in the act:

Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling, at a nationally televised meeting of House Republicans in Baltimore, accused President Obama to his face of running up deficits a dozen times greater than the GOP’s. The president said, "That’s factually just not true, and you know it’s not true," and he invited "any independent fact-checker out there" to assess which man got the facts right.

OK, we will.

We have to score this one for Obama. Hensarling told a Texas-size whopper — and then tried to claim Republican credit for Blll Clinton’s budget surpluses.

We know that Hensarling is a practitioner of Free-Market-Fundamentalism and a disciple of the reckless Phil Gramm. But seriously, how can he say that Republican yearly deficits equal Democratic Monthly Deficits???????

Clearly, if you live in the reality based community, this is a preposterous claim. Obama entered office with the economy in free fall and an inherited 1.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit from a Republican Administration which had inherited a 200 Billion Dollar SURPLUS from the previous Democratic Administration.

How could Hensarling make the claim that Obama is 12 times more fiscally irresponsible than Bush? Is he blisteringly stupid? On the surface, the answer would have to be yes.

However, if you do are unfamiliar with Wingnutspeak, you would have missed what this sneaky character was trying to do. Later Hensarling clued folks on this crafty scheme issuing a:

news release the same day, stating that the average deficit was only $104 billion "in the 12 years that Republicans controlled the House." Republicans controlled the House during the last six years of President Bill Clinton’s administration (regularly voting against his budget bills). During that time, the U.S. was in the longest sustained economic boom in its history, and the federal government ran budget surpluses in fiscal 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 (the last year for which Clinton signed the spending and tax legislation). Hensarling’s accounting also avoids GOP responsibility for the last two years of Bush’s deficits, on grounds that Democrats took control of the House in January 2007.

Essentially Hensarling tried to pull the old “Texas Two Step.” Clever Jeb assigned credit to the GOP for Clinton Budget Policies during the 1990s while blaming Democrats for the Bush Budget Policies of the last eight years.

Accordingly, to Jeb, Republicans should get the credit for the Clinton Tax Increase, (I seem to remember being labeled the largest in history) which in part led to the Budget Surpluses of the 1990s. Conversely, it should be the Democrats who should get the benefit (or blame in this case) for the Bush Tax Cut which is in part responsible for the Red Ink we see today.

Up is Down. Night is Day. Black is White. Republicans raise the taxes of rich folks, while Democrats cut them in order to balance the budget.

Remember the wingnuttery, as we see here, does not need to be true to be good. As a matter of fact, truth is irrelevant as long as the end result of the wingnuttery is outrage at the government.

Within the Wingnutopian movement, it is believed that each outrage moves the Nation a step closer to the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat (which will ultimately come once cultural class consciousness is obtained). Clever schemes like one Hensarling initiated further this objective. Furthermore, some within the Wingnutopian Movement will actually come to Hensarling’s defense and give cover to the falsehood to fan the outrage.

As such, these members of the Conserva-gencia will avoid simply noting that Hensarling may have made a mistake, exaggerated or at worst deliberately attempted a ruse. These people believe that given a choice between an informed electorate and an electorate outraged by a lie, their movement is better served by the outrage. If the false outrage pushes the wingnuttariat one step closer to revolution, why not sooner rather than later?

After all, these people believe that the Revolution is inevitable.

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