Thursday, February 4, 2010

Radical Transnationalism - Wingnut Dictionary

(1) The use of Scary Islamic Law and Effete European Law to control relations not only between sovereign states, but also between United States citizens and their government; (2) a poorly camouflaged loathing of American power (at least when used to pursue American interests); (3) A phrase used by NRO writers to convey a fictional, albeit a seemingly grievous, threat to American Sovereignty to NRO readers.
Obama Administration Nominee Harold Hongju Koh is a Radical Transnationalist.

The Radical Transnationalism, practiced by Koh, would deprive American citizens of their powers of representative government and the protections guaranteed by the blessed US Constitution by selectively imposing Sharia Law and International Law on the citizenry, even though these rule sets tend to be mutually exclusive.

Radical Transnationalism could lead to manifest injustice if imposed. As an example of this consider the issue of gay rights. A Radical Transnationalist, in theory, could attempt to use International Law to impose gay marriage, then that same Radical Transnationalist could apply Sharia Law to sanction the execution of the married gay couple. Clearly Radical Transnationalism represents a grave threat to American Sovereignty. Clearly Harold Hongju Koh, as a Radical Transnationalist, should not be allowed to serve in the Obama Administration.
Other examples of the use of Radical Transnationalism in everyday conversation can be found here and here.

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