Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Neo-Isolationism - Wingnut Dictionary

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Definition within the Wingnutopian Movement:

(1) The opposite of using force the preferred means to achieve foreign policy goals; (2) Withdrawing American armed forces from foreign countries and refraining from using force i.e, missile strikes, around the world (especially Iran) because such actions do not meet a global test. (3) Antonym of Neo-Conservatism. Neo-Isolationism represents an absence of Neoconservative foreign policy, i.e., Aggressive Wilsonianism minus international institutional support and without regard for international conventions and treaties.

Used in everyday conversation:

President Obama won’t invade Iran or Venezuela or even Russia because he is a Neo-Isolationist. Iran is bad; Hugo Chavez is bad; and Putin is bad, as well. Therefore, Neo-isolationism is bad, too and Obama is wrong for being a Neo-Isolationist.

H/T: RedState

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