Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Definition of Wingnuttariat

Wingnuttariat: (noun)

wing•nut•tar•e•at [
wing-nə-ter-ē-ət, -ē-at\]
The Definition of Wingnuttariat:
(1) a class of Americans made up of Hard-working, red-blooded and patriotic Americans residing primarily in rural and suburban areas who face economic pressures due to globalization; (2) A class of Americans described by Sarah Palin and others as “real Americans” often residing in pro-American parts of America. (3) Some (see Pat Buchanan) limit membership in the Wingnuttariat to the legions of “Forgotten Americans” i.e., White Americans.
Context within Ideology:
Many within the Wingnuttariat are residents of rural areas which receive a disproportionate share of federal tax dollars. These people generally favor Big Government programs that are of benefit to people living in those areas. Strikingly, however, many of these same people are often deeply suspicious of the federal government and its use of tax dollars.

This support of Big Government Programs by factions within the Wingnuttariat comes into direct conflict with the central tenant of Free-Market Fundamentalism, which holds that the Free-Market is all knowing, self correcting and virtuous, found within the Wingnutopian movement. As a result, the Wingnuttariat does not vote its cultural-class interests in sufficient numbers to move political control of the country in favor of a Permanent GOP majority and toward Wingnutopia.

Members of the Conserva-gencia believe that the Wingnuttariat will only abandon Big Government when it achieves cultural class consciousness. Members within the Conserva-gencia are split as to the manner in which cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat will occur. Some believe that cultural class consciousness will only be achieved when the Big Government becomes so corrupt and so large as to control all aspects of the private lives of the citizenry. At that moment, a revolution of the Wingnuttariat will naturally and peacefully arise as people realize that less Government not more Government is the way to freedom. And thus, in this manner the Wingnuttariat will cast off the Chains of Moderation and free mankind to the blessings of the Free Market.

Others within the Conserva-gencia believe that cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat can be engineered from within. These thinkers argue that by using the media to inflame the masses against the Big Government, the Wingnuttariat will vote in sufficient numbers to deliver a permanent GOP electoral majority. The use of “Death Panels” recently in the health insurance reform debate is a perfect example of this tactic.

According to this faction with an electoral majority, a Wingutopian cultural and market based paradise can be engineered by using the Big Government to implement the conditions necessary for Free-Market Fundamentalism to thrive. The problem with this approach is the results of GOP governance (which borders on utter incompetence). Since the cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat is never reached, members of the Wingnuttariat revert to old voting patterns if they become focused on poor GOP governance instead of looking toward the longer term benefits of Free-Market Foundamentalism and a future Utopian society.

This conflict, as to the manner in which class cultural consciousness can or will occur, remains an internal divide within the Wingnutopian Movement.

See the
Post Below: Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) provides an excellent example of how some within the Wingnutopian Movement actively attempt to engineer Class Cultural Consciousness within the Wingnuttariat by providing false but provocative information to the masses.

In this manner, Hensarling hopes that outrage will lead to GOP electoral victories and an opportunity for the GOP to use the Big Government to perfect mankind through Free Market Fundamentalism.

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