Monday, February 15, 2010

Cultural Marxism - Definition

Here is another in our series of translating the language of movement conservatives, who are also known as reactionary right wing utopians or Wingnutopians. In short it is our contribution to improve the political dialogue in this country by translating “Wingnutspeak” into English.


Cultural Marxism


(1) Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms with an aim to subvert Western Civilization; (2) A conspiracy theory which holds that aided and abetted by obscure European Philosophers, the mass media has infected large numbers of Americans with the class consciousness of the proletariat. (3) To conspiracy theorists, Political Correctness is a form of Cultural Marxism.

Used in Everyday Conservation:

Gawddammit! It’s 2010 and America has been hijacked by a small group of obscure European Philosophers. These “Cultural Marxists” have turned hard working hard working but unsuspecting Americans into Marxists by using the mass media to promote Karl Marx’s observations of life working in English factories during the 1830s-1840s. I don’t know quite exactly how these no account foreign scoundrels turned hard-working-red-blooded-patriotic Americans into Cultural Marxists without most of these folks realizing it, but Cultural Marxism is here in the Homeland!

Examples of Cultural Marxism in the context of political correctness:

(1) It is wrong to call a protestant fundamentalist a member of the “religious right.” Protestant fundamentalists should always be referred to as “Evangelicals” or so-called “Value Voters.” (2) Newsweek Magazine has been politically incorrect by objectifying Sarah Palin by using a picture of her in her skimpy running outfit in order to sell magazines propagandize the masses; and (3) it is ALWAYS politically incorrect and sexist to infer that Sarah Palin dresses like a slutty flight attendant.

Significance within the Wingnutopian Movement:

While many in the Conserva-gencia believe that the revolution of the Winguttariat is inevitable, resulting in a Free Market Cultural Utopia, many also believe that Cultural Marxism serves as a counter-revolutionary force slowing the implementation of Free Market Fundamentalism (i.e., the Steam Roller of History).

From the example above it can be noted that instead of preparing for the revolution of the Wingnuttariat like good rightwing bloggers should be doing, some have become infected by “Cultural Marxism” and its variant “Political Correctness.” This has caused these nutters to diverge from blogging about the outrages of Big Government and virtues of the Free Market Almighty and instead advocate that the counterrevolutionary doctrine of political correctness be applied to media coverage of Sarah Palin and other right wing causes.

If successful, the media then further disseminates Cultural Marxism to the public which in turn impedes the Wingnuttariat from reaching cultural class consciousness and ultimately the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat.

(h/t): The American Conservative.

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