Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Neo-Isolationism - Wingnut Dictionary

Word of the Day:


Definition within the Wingnutopian Movement:

(1) The opposite of using force the preferred means to achieve foreign policy goals; (2) Withdrawing American armed forces from foreign countries and refraining from using force i.e, missile strikes, around the world (especially Iran) because such actions do not meet a global test. (3) Antonym of Neo-Conservatism. Neo-Isolationism represents an absence of Neoconservative foreign policy, i.e., Aggressive Wilsonianism minus international institutional support and without regard for international conventions and treaties.

Used in everyday conversation:

President Obama won’t invade Iran or Venezuela or even Russia because he is a Neo-Isolationist. Iran is bad; Hugo Chavez is bad; and Putin is bad, as well. Therefore, Neo-isolationism is bad, too and Obama is wrong for being a Neo-Isolationist.

H/T: RedState

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cultural Marxism - Definition

Here is another in our series of translating the language of movement conservatives, who are also known as reactionary right wing utopians or Wingnutopians. In short it is our contribution to improve the political dialogue in this country by translating “Wingnutspeak” into English.


Cultural Marxism


(1) Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms with an aim to subvert Western Civilization; (2) A conspiracy theory which holds that aided and abetted by obscure European Philosophers, the mass media has infected large numbers of Americans with the class consciousness of the proletariat. (3) To conspiracy theorists, Political Correctness is a form of Cultural Marxism.

Used in Everyday Conservation:

Gawddammit! It’s 2010 and America has been hijacked by a small group of obscure European Philosophers. These “Cultural Marxists” have turned hard working hard working but unsuspecting Americans into Marxists by using the mass media to promote Karl Marx’s observations of life working in English factories during the 1830s-1840s. I don’t know quite exactly how these no account foreign scoundrels turned hard-working-red-blooded-patriotic Americans into Cultural Marxists without most of these folks realizing it, but Cultural Marxism is here in the Homeland!

Examples of Cultural Marxism in the context of political correctness:

(1) It is wrong to call a protestant fundamentalist a member of the “religious right.” Protestant fundamentalists should always be referred to as “Evangelicals” or so-called “Value Voters.” (2) Newsweek Magazine has been politically incorrect by objectifying Sarah Palin by using a picture of her in her skimpy running outfit in order to sell magazines propagandize the masses; and (3) it is ALWAYS politically incorrect and sexist to infer that Sarah Palin dresses like a slutty flight attendant.

Significance within the Wingnutopian Movement:

While many in the Conserva-gencia believe that the revolution of the Winguttariat is inevitable, resulting in a Free Market Cultural Utopia, many also believe that Cultural Marxism serves as a counter-revolutionary force slowing the implementation of Free Market Fundamentalism (i.e., the Steam Roller of History).

From the example above it can be noted that instead of preparing for the revolution of the Wingnuttariat like good rightwing bloggers should be doing, some have become infected by “Cultural Marxism” and its variant “Political Correctness.” This has caused these nutters to diverge from blogging about the outrages of Big Government and virtues of the Free Market Almighty and instead advocate that the counterrevolutionary doctrine of political correctness be applied to media coverage of Sarah Palin and other right wing causes.

If successful, the media then further disseminates Cultural Marxism to the public which in turn impedes the Wingnuttariat from reaching cultural class consciousness and ultimately the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat.

(h/t): The American Conservative.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Translation of the Day - Wingnutspeak to English

Phrase of the Day:

Determinate Principles of Constitutional Interpretation


(1) A system of principles utilized to interpret difficult questions of law arising under the Constitution of the United States. (2) The schools of Originalism and Textualism (or collectively referred to as “Strict Constructionism”) are the only schools believed to contain determinate principles of Constitutional Interpretation by some. (3) A phrase used as part of a logical fallacy to draw a conclusion from premises that does not support that conclusion by assuming Not P implies Not Q on the basis that P implies Q.

Used in Every Day Conversation:

“What I haven't seen by Judge Sotomayor is an embrace of determinate principles of constitutional interpretation. Without that, there are no bounds on the judicial role -- nothing to keep one from being a judicial activist."

Big Ed Whelan NRO Regular and Legal Expert

Translation (Wingnutspeak to English):

Members of the Conserva-gencia do not believe that Justice Sotomayor possesses determinate principles of constitutional interpretation (thus is a Judicial Activist) because she is not of the Strict Constructionist School of Judicial Theory. This conclusion, that Justice Sotomayor is a potential Judicial Activist, is proven because Strict Constructionists are believed to adhere to a system of Determinate Principles of Constitutional Interpretation. Hence, because the Judge Sotomayor cannot be proven to possess so-called Determinate Principles of Constitutional Interpretation (i.e., she is not a Strict Constructionist), then she should be deemed a Judicial Activist and not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

In other words just a more sophisticated form of heads I win, tails you lose. Look for more such forms of Wingnutspeak to emerge as rumors of a vacancy on the High Court heat up.

We will try to provide translations as time permits.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wingnut Dictionary – TRANSNATIONALIZE

Verb of the Day:



A transitive verb; to make something Transnational or to give a Transnational character to something; sometimes the involuntary result of Radical Transnationalism, i.e., the imposition of Islamic Law and International Law to control relations not only between sovereign states, but also between citizens and their governments.

Example of use in conversation:

Pa, Pa, the blue helmets are pouring over the County Line! And I seen one of ‘em carrying a treatise on international law. Quick, call out the Militia before they Transnationalize us all!!!

Further Example:

After President Obama appoints Radical Transnationalist Harold Koh as Legal Advisor to the NSC, Koh will somehow outlaw the existence of 400 years of American and English Common Law in the USA and replace this system of law with the international common law. After that, the United Nations will surely invade and Transnationalize America. After this occurs, only portions of Alabama, Arkansas and Alaska will initially be able to resist. Unfortunately these small pockets of resistance will not have internet access to read the National Review Online and eventually the people in these areas too will lose their inspiration to resist and succumb to Radical Transnationalization.

Further Example:

After the supreme court voted to allow Transnational Corporations (perhaps even the Bid Laden Destruction Corporation) to buy into and possibly Radically Transnationalize American elections, many working folks were alarmed if not outraged. Oddly enough, the writers at the National Review Online were silent. Apparently, not all forms of Radical Transnationalism are undesirable at the NRO.

(H/T Andy McCarthy and his posse via The Corner)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Radical Transnationalism - Wingnut Dictionary

(1) The use of Scary Islamic Law and Effete European Law to control relations not only between sovereign states, but also between United States citizens and their government; (2) a poorly camouflaged loathing of American power (at least when used to pursue American interests); (3) A phrase used by NRO writers to convey a fictional, albeit a seemingly grievous, threat to American Sovereignty to NRO readers.
Obama Administration Nominee Harold Hongju Koh is a Radical Transnationalist.

The Radical Transnationalism, practiced by Koh, would deprive American citizens of their powers of representative government and the protections guaranteed by the blessed US Constitution by selectively imposing Sharia Law and International Law on the citizenry, even though these rule sets tend to be mutually exclusive.

Radical Transnationalism could lead to manifest injustice if imposed. As an example of this consider the issue of gay rights. A Radical Transnationalist, in theory, could attempt to use International Law to impose gay marriage, then that same Radical Transnationalist could apply Sharia Law to sanction the execution of the married gay couple. Clearly Radical Transnationalism represents a grave threat to American Sovereignty. Clearly Harold Hongju Koh, as a Radical Transnationalist, should not be allowed to serve in the Obama Administration.
Other examples of the use of Radical Transnationalism in everyday conversation can be found here and here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Definition of Wingnuttariat

Wingnuttariat: (noun)

wing•nut•tar•e•at [
wing-nə-ter-ē-ət, -ē-at\]
The Definition of Wingnuttariat:
(1) a class of Americans made up of Hard-working, red-blooded and patriotic Americans residing primarily in rural and suburban areas who face economic pressures due to globalization; (2) A class of Americans described by Sarah Palin and others as “real Americans” often residing in pro-American parts of America. (3) Some (see Pat Buchanan) limit membership in the Wingnuttariat to the legions of “Forgotten Americans” i.e., White Americans.
Context within Ideology:
Many within the Wingnuttariat are residents of rural areas which receive a disproportionate share of federal tax dollars. These people generally favor Big Government programs that are of benefit to people living in those areas. Strikingly, however, many of these same people are often deeply suspicious of the federal government and its use of tax dollars.

This support of Big Government Programs by factions within the Wingnuttariat comes into direct conflict with the central tenant of Free-Market Fundamentalism, which holds that the Free-Market is all knowing, self correcting and virtuous, found within the Wingnutopian movement. As a result, the Wingnuttariat does not vote its cultural-class interests in sufficient numbers to move political control of the country in favor of a Permanent GOP majority and toward Wingnutopia.

Members of the Conserva-gencia believe that the Wingnuttariat will only abandon Big Government when it achieves cultural class consciousness. Members within the Conserva-gencia are split as to the manner in which cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat will occur. Some believe that cultural class consciousness will only be achieved when the Big Government becomes so corrupt and so large as to control all aspects of the private lives of the citizenry. At that moment, a revolution of the Wingnuttariat will naturally and peacefully arise as people realize that less Government not more Government is the way to freedom. And thus, in this manner the Wingnuttariat will cast off the Chains of Moderation and free mankind to the blessings of the Free Market.

Others within the Conserva-gencia believe that cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat can be engineered from within. These thinkers argue that by using the media to inflame the masses against the Big Government, the Wingnuttariat will vote in sufficient numbers to deliver a permanent GOP electoral majority. The use of “Death Panels” recently in the health insurance reform debate is a perfect example of this tactic.

According to this faction with an electoral majority, a Wingutopian cultural and market based paradise can be engineered by using the Big Government to implement the conditions necessary for Free-Market Fundamentalism to thrive. The problem with this approach is the results of GOP governance (which borders on utter incompetence). Since the cultural class consciousness of the Wingnuttariat is never reached, members of the Wingnuttariat revert to old voting patterns if they become focused on poor GOP governance instead of looking toward the longer term benefits of Free-Market Foundamentalism and a future Utopian society.

This conflict, as to the manner in which class cultural consciousness can or will occur, remains an internal divide within the Wingnutopian Movement.

See the
Post Below: Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) provides an excellent example of how some within the Wingnutopian Movement actively attempt to engineer Class Cultural Consciousness within the Wingnuttariat by providing false but provocative information to the masses.

In this manner, Hensarling hopes that outrage will lead to GOP electoral victories and an opportunity for the GOP to use the Big Government to perfect mankind through Free Market Fundamentalism.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Translation of the Day – Translating Wingnutspeak into English

Jeb Hensarling is clever and he is sly but he got caught in the act:

Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling, at a nationally televised meeting of House Republicans in Baltimore, accused President Obama to his face of running up deficits a dozen times greater than the GOP’s. The president said, "That’s factually just not true, and you know it’s not true," and he invited "any independent fact-checker out there" to assess which man got the facts right.

OK, we will.

We have to score this one for Obama. Hensarling told a Texas-size whopper — and then tried to claim Republican credit for Blll Clinton’s budget surpluses.

We know that Hensarling is a practitioner of Free-Market-Fundamentalism and a disciple of the reckless Phil Gramm. But seriously, how can he say that Republican yearly deficits equal Democratic Monthly Deficits???????

Clearly, if you live in the reality based community, this is a preposterous claim. Obama entered office with the economy in free fall and an inherited 1.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit from a Republican Administration which had inherited a 200 Billion Dollar SURPLUS from the previous Democratic Administration.

How could Hensarling make the claim that Obama is 12 times more fiscally irresponsible than Bush? Is he blisteringly stupid? On the surface, the answer would have to be yes.

However, if you do are unfamiliar with Wingnutspeak, you would have missed what this sneaky character was trying to do. Later Hensarling clued folks on this crafty scheme issuing a:

news release the same day, stating that the average deficit was only $104 billion "in the 12 years that Republicans controlled the House." Republicans controlled the House during the last six years of President Bill Clinton’s administration (regularly voting against his budget bills). During that time, the U.S. was in the longest sustained economic boom in its history, and the federal government ran budget surpluses in fiscal 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 (the last year for which Clinton signed the spending and tax legislation). Hensarling’s accounting also avoids GOP responsibility for the last two years of Bush’s deficits, on grounds that Democrats took control of the House in January 2007.

Essentially Hensarling tried to pull the old “Texas Two Step.” Clever Jeb assigned credit to the GOP for Clinton Budget Policies during the 1990s while blaming Democrats for the Bush Budget Policies of the last eight years.

Accordingly, to Jeb, Republicans should get the credit for the Clinton Tax Increase, (I seem to remember being labeled the largest in history) which in part led to the Budget Surpluses of the 1990s. Conversely, it should be the Democrats who should get the benefit (or blame in this case) for the Bush Tax Cut which is in part responsible for the Red Ink we see today.

Up is Down. Night is Day. Black is White. Republicans raise the taxes of rich folks, while Democrats cut them in order to balance the budget.

Remember the wingnuttery, as we see here, does not need to be true to be good. As a matter of fact, truth is irrelevant as long as the end result of the wingnuttery is outrage at the government.

Within the Wingnutopian movement, it is believed that each outrage moves the Nation a step closer to the Revolution of the Wingnuttariat (which will ultimately come once cultural class consciousness is obtained). Clever schemes like one Hensarling initiated further this objective. Furthermore, some within the Wingnutopian Movement will actually come to Hensarling’s defense and give cover to the falsehood to fan the outrage.

As such, these members of the Conserva-gencia will avoid simply noting that Hensarling may have made a mistake, exaggerated or at worst deliberately attempted a ruse. These people believe that given a choice between an informed electorate and an electorate outraged by a lie, their movement is better served by the outrage. If the false outrage pushes the wingnuttariat one step closer to revolution, why not sooner rather than later?

After all, these people believe that the Revolution is inevitable.