Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Definition of Wingnutopia - What does it mean?

Wingnutopia (noun)

wing•nut•to•pi•a [wing nut tōpee ə]
(1) A term derived from the word “Utopia,” an ideal and perfect place or state where everyone lives in harmony and everything in society works for the best. (2) An attempt to create a right-wing ideal and perfect state, which however, when attempted results in "Dystopia." (3) A cultural paradise which will arise after the Wingnuttariat obtains Cultural Consciousness and then casts off the Chains of Moderation creating a Perfected Society based upon Free Market Fundamentalism, bullets, bibles and banjos.
Within the conservative movement, there are factions who believe that the Grand Old Party has not adhered to true party ideology. This lack of adherence is primarily because true party ideology (i.e., Free Market Fundamentalism), is phony and is a construct designed by the Establishment Wing of the GOP to fool voters (especially the Wingnuttariat) into believing there is a simple solution for every complex problem, i.e., Tax Cuts and Deregulation at home and recently Preventive War abroad.

After years of sermons on Free Market Fundamentalism, “
Wingnutopians” have come to believe that perfection of society, the freedom of mankind and ultimately the creation of a Utopian Society can be obtained through Free Market Fundamentalism.

Prior to achieving Free Market Fundamentalism, Wingnutopians believe that a “
Cultural Consciousness” must be obtained by Real Americans (members of which are sometimes referred to collectively as "The Wingnutariat").
This is required because many members of the Wingnuttariat do not realize their true interests lie with Free Market Fundamentalism. Over time it is inevitable that they will reach this realization. Cultural Consciousness is a stage of history which will come naturally when the Chains of Moderation (i.e., the welfare state provided through Liberal Constitutional Democracy) becomes so intolerable that the Wingnuttariat rises up in revolution and overthrows the State. After the revolution of the Wingnuttariat occurs, Free Market Fundamentalism will be the natural result and will lead to free and unfettered markets, the freedom of mankind and ultimately Wingnutopia on Earth where all is good, just and right.

The number and magnitude of outrageous outrages needed to move the Wingnuttariat toward Cultural Consciousness will come only as the Chains of Moderation virtually destroy the Free Market and Free Enterprise. The time needed to run this natural course of history and to spawn the revolution of the Wingnuttariat leave many Wingnutopians are unwilling to wait for the revolution to naturally occur. Impatient with the pace of history, some Wingnutopians desire to bring about Cultural Consciousness through direct government action by the implementation of true Free Market Fundamentalism.

Thus, Wingnutopians from the Intellectual Wing of the GOP (sometimes known as “
Conserva-gencia”) must first overthrow the Establishment Wing of the GOP and take control of the Party apparatus. With control of a Major Political Party, these members of the Conserva-gencia believe that they can engineer the cultural consciousness of the Wingnuttariat from within by implementing true Free Market Fundamentalism into practice through the levers of government.

As the virtues of Free Market Fundamentalism become more manifest, the Conserva-gencia believes that Cultural Consciousness can be obtained by the Wingnuttariat with proper guidance. And in this way, a Wingnutopian Paradise will be engineered and Society Perfected based on the Free Market Almighty and (various parts of) The Bible, Allah willing of course.

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